Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia
This is the official hotel for the congress. Hotel Las Américas offers endless options for your leisure or business trip on a Caribbean environment. This five-star hotel located in the northern zone of the city, on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, offers two lodging options for unforgettable vacations: Las Americas Casa de Playa with tropical architecture and Las Americas Torre del Mar with a modern style.
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The booking must be done directly with the hotel to the following contact: Melizza Pizzarro. Please inform that is for the event “The International Flavor and Fragrance Conference 2017”
Tel: +57 (5) 672 3344; +57 (5) 672 4242
Cel: +57-316 389 5380 ::
Toll Free: 01 8000 953 777